2006 Grant and Fellowship Awardees

CSWS Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship:

Mandolin R. Brassaw, graduate student, English, $7500 for AY 2006-07, “Divine Heresy: Feminist Revisions of Sacred Texts.”

CSWS Laurel Research Award:

Amarah Y. Niazi, graduate student, international studies and planning, public policy and management, $2250 for AY 2006-07, “Bringing Gender Sensitive, Sustainable Redevelopment to Earthquake Ridden Pakistan” (graduated with a Masters of Public Administration [PPPM] from University of Oregon in 2007; PhD in Applied Anthropology from Oregon State University in 2013).

Research Support Grants – Graduate Students:

Alison Altstatt, graduate student, music history, $2355, “Reconstructing Monastic Women’s Musical and Liturgical Life in the Northern Middle Ages.”

Sean M. Laurent, graduate student, psychology, $2250, “Gender Identification, Sex Roles, and Gender Role Conflict Measurement: Development and Refinement of the Gender Traits and Behaviors Scale and the Gender Role Conflict and Traditionalism Scale.”

Lillian Darwin López, graduate student, comparative literature, $2220, “Women’s Hip-Hop in Brazil.”

Jessica Meendering, graduate student, human physiology, $2400, “Oral Contraceptives and Vascular Health in Young Women.”

Robyne Erica Miles, graduate student, art history, $1000, “Two for Tea: The Tearoom Designs of Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh and Charles Bennie Mackintosh.”

Juyeon Son, graduate student, sociology, $1650, “Immigrant Health Effect? The Intersection of Gender, Class and Race in Immigrant Health Status.”

Michaelle “Mickey” Stellavato, graduate student, English (folklore), $447, “Personal Resistance through the Body Aesthetic.”

Sharon Shin Shin Tang, graduate student, psychology, $2100, “Feminist Perspectives on Gender Differences in Traumatic Stress.”

Research Support Grants – Faculty:

Monique Balbuena, assistant professor, Clark Honors College, $6000, “‘The Self Between Languages and Places’ as part of Diasporic Sephardic Identities: A Transnational Poetics of Jewish Languages.”

Yvonne Braun, assistant professor, sociology, $6000, “Impacts and Perceptions: Gender, Dams, and Development in Lesotho, Southern Africa.”

Bryna Goodman, professor, history, $6000, “Emotional Appeal: Newspapers, Political Parties, and Public Adjudication of Love in 1920s China.”

Conjugations bookcoverSangita Gopal, assistant professor, English, $6000, “No Place to Hide: Gender, Conjugality and Nationalism in Contemporary Hindi Film.” Conjugations: Marriage and Form in New Bollywood Cinema, by Sangita Gopal (2011, University of Chicago Press, 240 pages)

Mann_bookcover_WEBBonnie Mann, assistant professor, philosophy, $6000, “Sex, Style and War: Aesthetics and Politics in Post 9/11 America.” Sovereign Masculinity:  Gender Lessons from the War on Terror, by Bonnie Mann (2014, Oxford University Press, 246 pages)

Fabienne Moore, assistant professor, Romance languages, $6000, “Across Genres and Gender, Anne Le Fevre Dacier, a Reformist Translator in Late 17th Century France.”

Ostmeier_bookcoverDorothee Ostmeier, associate professor, Germanic languages and literatures, $6000, “Poetic Encounters: Gender Constructs in German Literature of the Early 20th Century.”

“Gender, Sex, Liebe in poetischen Dialogen des frühen zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts” (Gender, Sex, Love in Poetic Dialogues of the Early Twentieth Century), by Dorothee Ostmeier (2013).