2010 Affiliate Publications

Books & Films by CSWS Affiliates and Staff published in 2010

We include here books that relate to our mission: generating, supporting and disseminating research on women and gender. Many of these projects received CSWS funding.


Stretched Thin: Poor Families, Welfare Work, and Welfare Reform
by Sandra Morgen, Joan Acker, and Jill Weigt
Cornell University Press (December 2010, 256 pages)

Stretched Thin is a finalist for the prestigious C. Wright Mills Award from the Society for the Study of Social Problems. Sandra Morgen is vice provost for Graduate Studies/associate dean of the UO Graduate School, professor of anthropology, and former director of CSWS. Joan Acker is professor emerita of the UO Department of Sociology and the first director of CSWS. UO graduate Jill Weigt is associate professor of sociology at California State University-San Marcos. This book is based on a three-year, multi-method study of welfare restructuring in Oregon. Stretched Thin gives an “on the ground” account of doing welfare reform from the perspectives of clients, agency workers, and administrators. The authors assess the outcomes and suggest new policies to deal with poverty and economic disparities. The study, a project of the CSWS Women in the Northwest Research Initiative, was partially funded by CSWS, with other funds from the Oregon Department of Human Resources. Publisher’s Synopsis

Tokyo in Transit: Japanese Culture on the Rails and Road
by Alisa Freedman
Stanford University Press
352 pages

Alisa Freedman is an assistant professor of Japanese Literature and Film in the UO Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures and a faculty affiliate with the Center for the Study of Women in Society.

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Cities in Ruins: The Politics of Modern Poetics
by Cecilia Enjuto Rangel
Purdue University Press
(November 2010)
320 pages

Cecilia Enjuto Rangel is an assistant professor of Spanish, UO Department of Romance Languages. She is also a CSWS faculty affiliate and CSWS Women of Color Project affiliate.

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Indigenous Women and Feminism: Politics, Activism, Culture
edited by Cheryl Suzack, Shari M. Huhndorf, Jeanne Perreault, and Jean Barman
University of British Columbia Press
(November 2010)
344 pages

Shari M. Huhndorf is a professor in the UO departments of  Ethnic Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies. CSWS awarded Huhndorf a 2010 Faculty Research Grant for her research on Native American women.

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Gendered Situations, Gendered Selves: A Gender Lens on Social Psychology
Second Edition, Series: Gender Lens Series
by Jocelyn A. Hollander, Daniel G. Renfrow, and Judith A. Howard
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
(December 2010)
286 pages

Jocelyn A. Hollander is an associate professor, UO Department of Sociology, and a CSWS faculty affiliate.

Publisher’s Synopsis


Dance and the Hollywood Latina: Race, Sex, and Stardom
by Priscilla Peña Ovalle
Rutgers University Press
(November 2010)
208 pages

Priscilla Peña Ovalle is an assistant professor of film and media studies at UO and a CSWS faculty affiliate.

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HoSang bookcoverRacial Propositions: Ballot Initiatives and the Making of Postwar California
by Daniel Martinez HoSang
University of California Press
(October 2010)
392 pages

Daniel HoSang is an assistant professor, UO departments of Ethnic Studies and Political Science. He received faculty grant support for his research project “Reproductive Justice at the Ballot: Origins, Trends and Future Developments” in 2009 from the Center for the Study of Women in Society. HoSang is a CSWS faculty affiliate.

Publisher’s Synopsis

Leonard and Virginia Woolf, the Hogarth Press and the Networks of Modernism
edited by Helen Southworth
Edinburgh University Press
(October 2010)
288 pages

Helen Southworth is an associate professor of literature in the UO Robert D. Clark Honors College and a CSWS Faculty Affiliate.

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The Handy Philosophy Answer Book
by Naomi Zack
Visible Ink Press
(January 2010)
400 pages
Naomi Zack is a professor in the University of Oregon Department of Philosophy and a CSWS faculty affiliate.

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Screens: Viewing Media Installation Art
by Kate Mondloch
Electronic Mediations Series, volume 30
University of Minnesota Press
208 pages
Kate Mondloch is assistant professor of art history at UO and a CSWS faculty affiliate.

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