2005 Grant and Fellowship Awardees

CSWS Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship:

Hee-Jung “Serenity” Joo, graduate student, comparative literature, $7,500 for AY 2005-06, “Speculative Fiction and the Spectacle of Race: The Nation as Utopian Be/longing in the 20th Century Asian-American and African-American Futurist Narratives.”

CSWS Laurel Research Award:

Jessica Leigh Murakami, graduate student, psychology, $2,250 for AY 2005-06, “Beyond Gender Differences in Rates of Depressions: Issues of Comorbidity.”  Her advisor and mentor: Anne Simons, professor, psychology, will receive up to $250.

Research Support Grants – Graduate Students:

Katy Brundan, graduate student, comparative literature, $2,500, “Mysterious Women: Memory, Trauma, and Madness in the 19th Century Sensation Narrative.”

Lisa DiMarni Cromer, graduate student, psychology, $2,500, “Bias in Believing Accounts of Child Abuse: The Role of the Participant Gender, Media, and Characteristics of Reported Abuse.”

Marie De La Torre, graduate student, sociology, $2,500, “The Social Construction of Racial and Ethnic Identities of Mexican Migrant Women in Chicago.”

Josh Fisher, graduate student, anthropology, $1720, “Hasta La Victoria: The Sandinista Revolution, Women, and Tourist Nicaragua.”

Sharilyn Lum, graduate student, counseling psychology and human services, $2,500, “Moderating Sociocultural Influences on Body Dissatisfaction in Asian American Women: An Examination of Critical Consciousness.”

Courtney Smith, graduate student, political science, $2,500, “Transforming Cultural Identities: The Eradication of Female Genital Cutting.”

Research Support Grants –  Faculty:

Elizabeth A. Bohls, associate professor, English, $6,000, “Caribbean Crossings: Gender, Place, and Identity in the British West Indies, 1770-1833.”

Tina Boscha, instructor, English, and research analyst, intoCareers, $450, “River in the Sea: A Novel.”

Aloha_America_bookcoverAdria L. Imada, assistant professor, ethnic studies, $6,000, “Aloha America: Hula and Hawaiian Performance in the U.S. Empire.”  Aloha America: Hula Circuits through the U.S. Empire by Adria L. Imada (Duke University Press, 2012; 392 pages)

Lamia Karim, assistant professor, anthropology, $6,000, “Struggles within Islam: The Emergence of Human Rights Discourse for Women in Bangladesh.”

Deanna Linville, and Krista Chronister, assistant professors, counseling psychology and human services, $1140, “Understanding Career Needs and Experiences of Women Domestic Violence Survivors.”

Debra Merskin, associate professor, journalism and communication, $6,000, “Squaw: Oregon’s Debate about Names, Place, Meaning, and the Image of Native American Women.”

Amanda Powell, senior instructor, Romance languages, $4,800, “Queering the Quarrel: Contexts and Conflicts in the Sapphic Poetry of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz.”