Current RIGs

The following Research Interest Groups (RIGs) are active for AY2021-22. Please contact the coordinators for more information on how to join.

Exploring Black Feminist Ecologies 

This new RIG seeks to create a space to reimagine the natural world through the lens of black feminism in art, literature, critical geography, environmental education, and environmental racism. RIG members plan to discuss books on black feminist ecology, workshop graduate student projects, organize a panel discussion, and establish a Black Ecologies Lab within the UO’s environmental studies program. For more information, contact Jessica T. Brown at

Care, Equity, and Social Justice 

This new RIG seeks to foster connections among scholars examining how ordinary citizens, activists, and organizations in the Global South use practices of care in order to resist processes of exclusion, violence, and vulnerability. To build an intellectual community, CESJ will organize meetings every other month to discuss academic articles and present work in progress from faculty and students. They also will organize two public roundtable discussions during the year, inviting local and international scholars, researchers, and activists to participate. For more information, contact co-organizers Kristin Yarris at or Maria Fernanda Escallón at

Wellbeing: Studies and Practices 

This new RIG seeks to foster a space of intellectual and supportive community among faculty, staff, and students interested in the field of wellbeing studies and praxis at UO. As a field of transdisciplinary study, wellbeing studies bridges the human sciences with the humanities, asking key questions about the social and subjective nature of health, humanistic questions about what it means to live well, and political questions about the ways in which social life can be structured to support human flourishing. RIG participants will meet at least twice per term to focus on community-building and providing a space of community and support for their inquiries and practices in wellbeing studies. For more information, contact Kristin Yarris at

Inclusive Pedagogies 

This ongoing RIG meets twice per term to discuss current research in composition studies and its intersections with gender, race, sexuality, ability, and other aspects of identity and social justice. Unique to their reading group format is that no preparation is required for the two-hour sessions. Instead, members read together for the first 30 minutes then discuss the selected article or book chapter in relation to their teaching praxis. Faculty, graduate student educators, and writing support specialists from across disciplines are invited to participate. In addition, the Inclusive Pedagogies website serves as a clearinghouse for readings, research and criticism, teaching materials, podcasts and videos, and other resources that support inclusive/antiracist pedagogy and praxis at the UO. For more information and to join the mailing list, please contact Jenée Wilde at or go to for upcoming meetings, reading selections, and resources for antiracist teaching.

To learn more about forming a RIG, contact or go to .