2008 Grant and Fellowship Awardees

 Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship

Alison Altstatt, graduate student, School of Music and Dance, Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship, $12,500, “The Music and Liturgy of Kloster Preetz: Ritual Practice in a North German Women’s Community, 1350-1550.”


Laurel Research Award

Gennie Thi Nguyen, graduate student, anthropology, CSWS Laurel Award, $2,250, “From War to Hurricane Katrina: Women’s Untold Stories.” ( Mentor is Lamia Karim.)


Research Support Grants – Graduate Students

Sarah Jaquette, graduate student, environmental studies, $2,500, “Indians, Invasive Species, and Invalids: The ‘Ecological Other’ in American Culture and Literature.”

Sarah LaChance Adams, graduate student, philosophy, $2,500, “Charity is a Mother: The Nature of Nurture in Maternal Ethics.”

Tam Nguyen, graduate student, linguistics, $2,500, “Women’s Speech in a Matriarchal Society: a Sociolinguistic Study of Rhade (or Ede).”

Christina W. O’Bryan, graduate student, anthropology, $2,500, “Gender and Self: Sociospatial Mobility among Afghan Women in Vancouver, B.C.”

Kelley Totten, graduate student, folklore, $2,500, “Performance and Visual Representation in Craftswomen’s Souvenir Production.”


Research Support Grants—Faculty

Lynn Fujiwara, assistant professor, women’s and gender studies, $8,460, “The Politics of Removal: Forced Deportations, Exclusions, and the Impact on Immigrant Families.”

Lamia Karim, assistant professor, anthropology, $8460, “Gender Jihad: Feminist Reform in Bangladesh.”

Irmary Reyes-Santos, visiting assistant professor, ethnic studies, $2,500, “Women, Migration, and Globalization in the Caribbean.”

Sharon R. Sherman, professor, folklore, $6,000, “Whatever Happened to Zulay? Entrepreneurship and Globalization among Indigenous Andean Women.”

Carol Silverman, professor, anthropology, $8460, “Gender, Race and Family: Issues of Education and Sexuality among Balkan Romani Migrants in New York City.”

Yizhao Yang, assistant professor, planning, public policy and management, $6000, “The Built Environment, Social Justice, and Gender.”