Sandra Morgen

Sandi Morgen

Sandi Morgen, CSWS Director 1991-2008

A pioneer in feminist anthropology, Sandra Morgen (1950-2016) began teaching at UO in 1991 as an associate professor of sociology, moving to the anthropology department in 2002. She served as director of the Center for the Study of Women in Society from 1991-2006 and later held leadership roles in the graduate school before returning to teach undergraduate- and graduate-level courses. In addition to coauthoring Stretched Thin, Morgen also published Into Our Own Hands: The Women’s Health Movement in the U.S. 1969-1990, winner of the Basker Prize from the Society for Medical Anthropology in 2004. She helped found the Society for North American Anthropology, which honored her in 2003 for outstanding contributions to anthropology in the U.S.

The Acker-Morgen Memorial Lectureship was established in 2017 to honor the outstanding contributions of these two pioneers of women’s research.

Program Celebration of Life: Sandi Morgen

Interview  Interview with Sandra Morgen, from Agents of Change: A legacy of feminist research, teaching, and activism at the University of Oregon, by Gabriela Martínez and Sonia De La Cruz (Creative Commons, © 2013)


Sandra Morgen Public Impact Graduate Fellowship  Details of the Fellowship: from Ellen Herman, Codirector, Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics

Acker-Morgen Memorial Lectureship 
The inaugural Acker-Memorial Memorial Lectureship took place April 24, 2017, and featured Evelyn Nakano Glenn, professor of the Graduate School and founding director, Center for Race and Gender, at the University of California, Berkeley.

This annual event brings to the UO campus a speaker who works on issues of economic justice and gender equity. Our goal is to raise funding to endow this lectureship. You can support the Acker-Morgen Memorial Lectureship with a gift of any amount.

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