2014 CSWS Research Grant and Fellowship Awardees

2014-15 Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship
Jenée Wilde

Jenée Wilde

Jenée Wilde, Department of English (Folklore) — “Speculative Fictions, Bisexual Lives: Changing Frameworks of Non-Binary Desire.”  While studies of gay, lesbian, and transgender communities and cultural production have dramatically increased over the last two decades, research on bisexuality remains highly undervalued in humanities and a majority of social science disciplines. To challenge this dearth of scholarship and to demonstrate the untapped potential of bisexuality studies, Jeneé Wilde’s English/Folklore PhD project develops a fresh approach using textual, cultural, and ethnographic methods of bisexuality research.

2014 Graduate Student Research Grant Awardees
  • Matthew N. Hannah, Department of English, “’The Growing Ego’: Dora Marsden’s Collaborative Modernism.”
  • April Lightcap, Department of Psychology, “An Efficacy Trial for Birth Your Way: an ACT-Based Prenatal Intervention.”
  • Kathryn L. Miller, Department of Political Science, “Violence on the Periphery: Migration and Gendered Violence Against Women in the U.S. Context.”
  • Kristen M. Reinhardt, Department of Psychology,  “Came to Serve, Left Betrayed: Violence Against Women in the Military.”
  • Marina N. Rosenthal, Department of Psychology, “Sexy and Sexualized: Cheerleading’s Impact on College Students, Children, and Families.”
  • Ivan Sandoval-Cervantes, Department of Anthropology, “Gender, Migrations, and Relatedness: Care and Kinship in a Zapotec Transborder Community.”
  • Carly P. Smith, Department of Psychology, “A National Study of Campus Sexual Violence and Title IX: The Institutional Betrayal of Mere Compliance.”
  • Brandy Todd, Educational Methodology, Policy and Leadership, “Identity Formation and Gender Disparities in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Disciplines.”
  • Tongyu Wu, Department of Sociology, “Coding ‘Productive Masculinity’: Gendered Meaning of Exploitation in High-Tech Corporations.”
  • Qing Ye, Department of East Asian Languages and Literature, “Aesthetic Beauty and Authentic Sentiment in the 18th-century Chinese Novel Guwangyan (Preposterous Words).”
2014-15 Faculty Research Grant Awardees