CSWS Higdon Senior Thesis Scholarship

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AlexAnn Westlake

AlexAnn Westlake

Although no longer available, the Jane Higdon Senior Thesis Scholarship, with funding of $1,000, was offered for several years. The Center for the Study of Women in Society invited applications from University of Oregon undergraduate students writing a senior thesis or producing a comparable senior project anywhere on campus, within a wide range of disciplines, as long as the thesis or project related to women and/or gender, and demonstrated support of women’s empowerment. This award honored the life and work of Jane Higdon. Financial support for this scholarship was provided by the Jane Higdon Foundation. Awards were subject to conditions set by CSWS, which fell under the purview of the Office of the Vice President for Research. Students needed to meet financial need criteria in order to apply. For more information, please refer to the application guidelines. 

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Higdon Guidelines

Read about earlier Jane Higdon Senior Thesis Scholarship winners

  • 2009-10 UO Student AlexAnn Westlake Awarded the Inaugural Jane Higdon Senior Thesis Scholarship
  • 2010-11 Shelley Annette Grosjean (History) and Sara S. Quinn (Anthropology) chosen as co-winners for Jane Higdon Senior Thesis Scholarship
  • 2017-18 UO Student Delaney Swink, Department of International Studies, “Social Change in Morocco: Islamic Feminism and Women’s Rights to Education.” Faculty Adviser: Yvonne Braun.