2007 CSWS Research Awards

Courtney Smith (back row, center) in the small town where she conducted much of her research while supported by CSWS funding.

Courtney Smith (back row, center) in the small town where she conducted much of her research while supported by CSWS funding.

Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship:

Courtney P. Smith, graduate student, political science, $7,500 for AY 2007-08, “Politics of the Marked Body: An Examination of Female Genital Cutting and Breast Implantation.”

Laurel Research Award:

Yossa Vidal-Collados, graduate student, Romance languages, $2250 for AY 2007-08, “Family and the State in the New Generation of Chilean Women Writers.” Her advisor and mentor, Juan Armando Epple, professor, Romance languages, will receive up to $250.

Research Support Grants – Graduate Students:

Shannon Elizabeth Bell, graduate student, sociology, $2106, “Feminism and the Fight against King Coal: Re-building Social Capital in the West Virginia Coalfields.”

Gina Bolles, graduate student, dance, $2485, “Experiential Research on Women and Dance in India.”

Gwendolyn Lowes, graduate student, linguistics, $2500, “Women’s Speech in Ghutan: a Sociolinguistic study of Kurtoep.”

Emily Taylor Meyers, graduate student, comparative literature, $2485, “Transnational Romance: The Politics of Desire in Caribbean Novels by Women.”

Kathleen Ryan, graduate student, journalism and communication, $2,500, “When Flags Flew High: Propaganda, Memory and Oral History for World War II Female Veterans.”

Lara Skinner, graduate student, sociology, $2493, “Urban Sustainability: Social Equality.”

Britta Torgrimson, graduate student, human physiology, $2500, “Hormone Exposure, Contraceptive Choices, and Vascular Function in Women.”

Research Support Grants – Faculty:

Tina Boscha, research analyst and instructor, intoCareers and education, $6000, “River in the Sea” (a novel in progress).

Melissa Hart, adjunct instructor, journalism and communication, $4568, “Confessions of a Queerspawn: Stories of a Mother Lost and Found.”

Gabriela Martinez, assistant professor, journalism and communication, $5378, “Women, Media and Rebellion in Oaxaca.”

Karen McPherson, associate professor, Romance languages, $8,460, “Realizing Life: Reflections on Aging in the Works of Contemporary Francophone Women Writers.”

Ellen McWhirter, associate professor, counseling psychology and human services, $5996, “Latina girls’ perceived barriers, supports, and future expectations.”

Ann Tedards, associate professor, music, $5457, “Concert Tour of Songs by Women Composers on Texts by Women Authors with an Emphasis on Libby Larsen.”