“Building Feminist Worlds” Recommended Book List

Molly Gloss / photo by Jack Liu.

Molly Gloss / photo by Jack Liu

Building Feminist Worlds—40th Anniversary Symposium panel recommended works: L. Timmel Duchamp, Molly Gloss, Andrea Hairston, Larissa Lai, Margaret McBride

At the CSWS 40th Anniversary celebration November 9, guest panelists in Session 3 of the Sally Miller Gearhart “Worlds Beyond World” Feminist Science Fiction symposium recommended books, stories, films, plays, and podcasts that fit the theme “Building Feminist Worlds.” You may access the PDF at: Recommended Book List

If you did not receive a commemorative booklet at the 40th Anniversary Celebration, get the full listing of events, with speaker bios and other credits, at: 40th  Anniversary booklet