2016: Theodora Goss & Roxanne Samer

Two U.S. scholars from opposite coasts were selected as recipients of the fourth annual Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship, funded by the Center for the Study of Women in Society (CSWS) at the University of Oregon and the UO Libraries Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA). Theodora Goss is a senior lecturer in the Boston University College of Arts and Sciences Writing Program and a lecturer in the Stonecoast MFA Program. Roxanne Samer is a postdoctoral scholar and teaching fellow in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.

Theodora Goss

Theodora Goss’s book publications include the short story collection In the Forest of Forgetting; the book-length novella The Thorn and the Blossom; and the poetry collection Songs for Ophelia. She is the editor of Interfictions, a short story anthology, and Voices from Fairyland, a poetry anthology. Goss won the World Fantasy Award in 2008 and has been nominated for a number of literary awards. She holds a PhD in English Literature from Boston University and JD from Harvard Law School. Her academic writing focuses on late nineteenth-century anthropology, fantasy, and the monstrous. The fellowship will support her visit to the University of Oregon to carry out research for writing the Ursula K. Le Guin volume of the Modern Masters of Science Fiction series published by the University of Illinois Press.

Roxanne Samer

Roxanne Samer holds a PhD in Critical Studies from the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. Samer coedited with William Whittington the book Spectatorship: Shifting Theories of Gender, Sexuality, and Media, which is under contract with the University of Texas Press. She is also the editor of “Transgender Media,” a special issue of Spectator: The University of Southern California Journal of Film and Television Criticism 37.2 (Fall 2017). She will visit UO Libraries’ SCUA to do research toward fleshing out her dissertation, “Receiving Feminisms: Media Cultures and Lesbian Potentiality in the 1970s”, for publication as a book.