What Is Feminism?, presented by Carol Stabile, director, CSWS and professor, School of Journalism and Communication and the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies.

“Dear Carol: Thank you very much for presenting your CSWS Road Scholar lecture ‘What is Feminism?’ last Friday, February 14, at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. From the way hands flew up as you asked your opening questions, I believe you had a very friendly audience. The discussion that followed your lecture, and the questions asked, showed that people had already given the subject some thought and wanted to learn more about it. I especially appreciated the way in which you showed how the campaigns for both women’s rights and rights for women and men of color were entwined in the 19th and early 20th centuries. We often hear about these movements without looking at how both groups did move forward, but also were pitted against each by people who didn’t want to change the ‘white men have rights, and that’s all we need’ point of view that was the norm in 1860. You are especially good at leading and encouraging discussion, which you showed again at this presentation. It was a real discussion, not just question & answer format. Your presentations and the three-part Feminist Science Fiction series have opened up the subject of feminism to genuine discussion in OLLI. You mentioned a possible followup Feminist Science Fiction series next fall. We would certainly welcome that! Thank you for making us think about the question, ‘What is feminism?’ Sincerely, Dina Wills, Curriculum Committee member, OLLI”

The S-Word: The Squaw Stereotype in American Popular Culture, presented by Debra Merskin. associate professor, UO School of Journalism and Communication
10/23/2012, Eugene Public Library

“Last night’s program was fantastic! We had 25 people in attendance. Deb Merskin’s presentation was fascinating, and the discussion on racism that followed was thoughtful and lively. I received several compliments on Deb’s performance after the program, and many wanted to know when she would be coming back to the library.” — Allison Terry, Librarian I – Adult Services, Eugene Public Library

Gender Roles in Rural Entrepreneurship: A Bolivian Experience, presented by Alejandra Garcia, master’s student, UO Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management
3/16/2011, Eugene/Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

“Dear Alejandra, Thank you for bringing your research on on rural entrepreneurship in Bolivia to the members of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute yesterday. Your PowerPoint slides showed us clearly how you had structured your research, and the information that you had found. I was pleased to hear the cooperative farm groups had been started by the farmers themselves, fifty years ago. Those were people with vision. Good luck with your career as a Gender Equity Specialist! It’s a job that is very much needed, in many countries.”

—Best regards, Dina Wills, Chair, Curriculum Committee
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute”

Snake Oil and Mothers’ Milk, presented by Phaedra Livingstone
2/13/2010, Eugene/Lane Branch, American Association of University Women.

“I sincerely want to say ‘thank you’ from all of us who were in your AAUW audience Saturday the 13th. Insight into early advertising was interesting to all of us, especially to hear some about products we were familiar with as children. I’ve since heard many comments about looking at advertising in a different way, thinking a little deeper. It does seem easy to look at the surface message when we’re now so used to being bombarded from all directions.”

—from Jo-Brew, Program Vice President
Eugene-Lane Branch AAUW

Red Networks: Women Writers and the Blacklist in Television, presented by Carol Stabile
3/13/2010, Coos Bay Public Library

“Thank you Carol! We just opened the doors this morning and one of the attendees said, ‘I hope the library will be getting her book.’ For the size of the audience, we’ve received a whole bunch of positive feedback. We’ll look forward to next year’s line up!”

—from Ellen Thompson, Assistant Library Director
Coos Bay Public Library

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