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    If the presenter travels more than 50 miles each way, they may request overnight lodging. In that event, the local sponsoring organization is responsible for arranging a home stay or arranging and paying for commercial lodging. Is your organization able to accept this responsibility and make arrangements with CSWS?

    In the event that your organization hosts a road scholar, the following conditions apply:

       * Formally acknowledge CSWS sponsorship of this program at the event and on all printed materials advertising or reporting on the event.?

       * Confirm event date, time, location, travel directions, and housing arrangements 15 days in advance of the event.?

       * Immediately notify CSWS of any changes affecting this program.

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    The first three years of the Road Scholars Program were made possible through a gift contributed by Robert Amundson, Ph.D., in memory of his wife, Joy Belsky. We are deeply grateful for his support of this important community program.