Globalization & Alterity RIG

Mission Statement: The Globalization & Alterity Research Interest Group (RIG) brings together cross-disciplinary scholars who seek to critically engage trans- and supranational phenomena and their implications on issues of gender and alterity. Using globalization as a nexus for these conversations, the Globalization & Alterity RIG aims at collaborative attempts to understand the ways in which latent and manifest geopolitical transformations act upon women and gender minorities and how these forces are in turn negotiated within local contexts. In supporting scholarly exchange and structured dialogue, we hope to strengthen existing scholarship and promote new innovations through the application of feminist methodologies and reflexive, critical analysis of globalization studies.

Graduate Student Coordinators
Sarah T. Hamid: shamid(at)
Tariq L. Rahman: tlr(at)

Faculty Sponsor
Gabriela Martinez, School of Journalism and Communication