Media, Education, and Technology RIG

Mission Statement

The Media, Education, and Technology RIG seeks to advance interdisciplinary collaboration on research, teaching, and service related to the intersection of these three areas of study.  The RIG will focus on topics that address issues of equity, diversity, and representation of women, gender minorities, and people of color in public education and in the media. Though an intersectional approach to social identities will be addressed in this RIG, the methodological approach to this scholarly dialogue will draw from the influential work of feminist standpoint theory (i.e., Patricia Hill Collins, Sandra Harding, and others). For the purposes of this RIG, standpoint theory will frame the notions that youth from school communities are uniquely situated to produce media representing knowledge of local social and political issues.

RIG Coordinators
  • Ed Madison, Assistant Professor, Media Partnership Coordinator, School of Journalism and Communication
  • Joanna Goode, Associate Professor, College of Education, goodej(at)