Disability Studies RIG

Disability_ForumThe Disability Studies RIG supports the work of scholars interested in disability studies and its intersections with gender, sexuality, and feminism. We promote the study of disability in the world and full inclusion of people with disabilities through research, scholarship, education, outreach, community building, and celebration.

The RIG brings together faculty, graduate students, and administrators from across campus. Our goals are to deepen knowledge of disability studies, to raise its profile at the UO, to provide mentorship to graduate students working in the field, and to bring scholars from multiple disciplines into discussion to foster collaboration and learn from multiple perspectives.

RIG activities include the following:

    • Reading and discussing selected authors’ work
    • Sharing members’ works-in-progress
    • Inviting speakers to campus
    • Collaborating with a large, west-coast network of disability studies scholars and activists
    • Developing pedagogical materials and practices

The Disability Studies RIG overlaps in membership with the UO Disability Studies Program. Though the two are separate entities, their work tends to support and complement on another.

Contacts for more information:

  • Adam Turner, Coordinator, PhD Candidate, History, act(at)uoregon.edu
  • Elizabeth Wheeler, Faculty Sponsor, Associate Professor, English, ewheeler(at)uoregon.edu