“Revisiting The Stranger Next Door: Reflections on Sexual Politics and Human Dignity in the New Millennium”—Arlene Stein

January 12, 2012
7:00 pmto9:00 pm

Knight Law Center
Room 110
UO campus

A Talk by Arlene Stein

This talk celebrates the 10th anniversary of the publication of The Stranger Next Door: The Story of a Small Community’s Battle Over Sex, Faith, and Civil Rights (which won the American Anthropological Association’s Ruth Benedict Award) and considers the current terrain of sexuality politics in Oregon and the United States. Arlene Stein is professor of sociology and serves on the graduate faculty of the Women’s and Gender Studies program at Rutgers University.

The talk will be followed by comments and discussion from two long-time Oregon community organizers, Kelly Wiegel, executive director of the Western States Center in Portland and Marcy Westerling, founder of the Rural Organizing Project.

The talk is being supported by a generous grant from the UO Williams Fund for a related three-course undergraduate sequence in the Department of Political Science titled “Politics and Sexuality” organized by Daniel HoSang, Alison Gash, and Priscilla Yamin.