Kate Mondloch Receives ACLS Fellowship

Kate Mondloch

UO assistant professor Kate Mondloch, Department of Art History, recently won a prestigious American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Fellowship.

“I plan to write the first half of my second book while holding the ACLS Fellowship (which coincides with my sabbatical research leave),“ Mondloch said. “The book is a theoretical and historical analysis of media art informed by feminism from 1990 to the present, tentatively entitled Eye Desire: New Media Art After Feminism. Through case studies of exemplary artworks, exhibitions, and critical texts, the resulting book will offer a historical account of this prevalent yet under-studied field of artistic production, and introduce a new critical framework for understanding its distinctive models of multisensory spectatorship. Ultimately, the book’s theoretical model for assessing contemporary media art—screen-based art made with film, video, or digital technologies—invigorates interdisciplinary research on the connections between media technologies and human experience.”

Mondloch, who is also a CSWS faculty affiliate, was awarded a 2010 CSWS Faculty Research Grant for her research on this project.