CSWS Research Grant Awardees Kate Mondloch and Shannon Elizabeth Bell featured in the Eugene Weekly

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In With the New

Kate Mondloch bridges contemporary art with new technology

Not all research is done in a laboratory. According to University of Oregon Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Kate Mondloch, art galleries serve as her very own scientific Petri dish where she examines how contemporary art is becoming increasingly intertwined with new technology. — article by — Lauren Messman. Read more at this link by scrolling down the page.

Traditional Radicals

A sociological look into female Appalachian activists

Coal-mining has wrought environmental and health-related destruction on Appalachia, and before Shannon Elizabeth Bell began working on her Ph.D. in sociology at UO, she was living and working in southern West Virginia when mountaintop removal mining was taking off and causing a lot of public health problems.  – article by Shannon Finnell. Read more at this link by scrolling down the page.

Note: Shannon Elizabeth Bell will be speaking at the “Women’s Stories, Women’s Lives” symposium on November 8, as part of the 40th Anniversary Celebration of CSWS, WGS, and the ASUO Women’s Center.