CSWS Advisory Board member publishes article on the Trump administration’s immigration policy

Editor’s Note: Dyana Mason is a member of the CSWS Advisory Board.

Around the O / Professor publishes article on president’s immigration policy

June 15, 2018—Dyana Mason, an assistant professor of planning, public policy and management, recently authored an article for The Conversation on the Trump administration’s effect on immigrant children.

The article focuses on the financial and emotional hardships that have come with Trump’s recent immigration regulation changes. Mason opens the article by writing, “The Trump administration is deliberately taking immigrant children away from their parents.”

The administration has been openly discussing family separation to deter new arrivals, the article says. This separation results in federally funded housing and care for immigrant children who are awaiting deportation or asylum.

“Concerns about this policy, to be sure, are spreading as the public hears more about how it is traumatizing children and their families. One organization said at least six children known to them were accidentally left behind after their parents were deported,” Mason says.

Dyana Mason

Mason’s article has been shared at a number of publications including The Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and more.

To read the full article, see “Detained immigrant children stay in shelters that are already full and aren’t equipped for babies