Feminist Philosophy RIG Members Retreat to Workshop Papers-in-Progress

Feminist Philosophy RIG members at retreat, January 2016

Feminist Philosophy RIG members at retreat, January 2016

From January 8-10, 2016, the CSWS’s Feminist Philosophy Research Interest Group (RIG) at the University of Oregon journeyed on an organized writing retreat to Waldport, Oregon. Participants workshopped papers-in-progress in a supportive community setting, which offered the time and space for small and focused workshops organized around specific topics and figures in feminist philosophy.

Concurrent workshops allowed for focused and specialized editing sessions, as all group members were required to read the papers in their break-out group in entirety in order to provide substantive and engaged feedback. All participants workshopped papers intended for either publication or conference presentation, and time was allotted for individual writing and further editing and revisions based on the feedback received during the morning’s group sessions.

The Feminist Philosophy RIG is made up of PhD candidates from the Department of Philosophy and has as its faculty adviser Bonnie Mann. This RIG’s mission is: To promote the study of feminist philosophy at the University of Oregon and to encourage and provide support to women and feminists in philosophy.

CSWS’s Research Interest Groups (RIGs) are collaborations among faculty members, staff, graduate students, and community members at the University of Oregon. The goal of the RIGs is to bring people together around a shared project, idea, or vision around CSWS’s mission: to generate, support, and publicize intersectional research on women and gender.