Economy, Emotion, and Ethics in Chinese Cinema, a new book by David Li

David-Li-book-coverEconomy, Emotion, and Ethics in Chinese Cinema
by David Leiwei Li (Routledge, March 2016, 230 pages)

CSWS faculty affiliate David Leiwei Li’s book Economy, Emotion, and Ethics in Chinese Cinema is due out soon and available for preorder. David Leiwei Li is a professor in the UO Department of English.

The book “investigates major Chinese-language films from mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong in order to unpack a hyper-compressed capitalist modernity with distinctive Chinese characteristics. As a dialogue between the film genre as a mediation of microscopic social life, and the narrative of economic development as a macroscopic political abstraction, it engages the two otherwise remotely related worlds, illustrating how the State and the Subject are reconstituted cinematically in late capitalism. A deeply cultural, determinedly historical, and deliberately interdisciplinary study, it approaches ‘culture’ anthropologically, as a way of life emanating from the everyday, and aesthetically, as imaginative forms and creative expressions.” See  more from the publisher at