Food in the Field—a new CSWS Research Interest Group

“Food in the Field” is a new CSWS interdisciplinary research interest group (RIG) that investigates ideas in the field of food studies, the operations of cultural fields related to food consumption, and the gendered labor that takes place in the farm fields of food production. RIG coordinator Jennifer Burns Levin, an instructor of literature in the UO Clark Honors College, says: “We welcome faculty and graduate students working in social science and humanities fields, and encourage cross-pollination between the two.” For a full listing of upcoming events …

RIG Plans for 2011-2012

Building on the success of the interdisciplinary Food Justice Conference in 2011 and ongoing sustainability initiatives at University of Oregon, FITF seeks to:

  • Create an active, interdisciplinary presence that encourages humanistic research in food studies at UO
  • Foster community among food studies scholars in the humanities and social sciences
  • Host faculty and advanced graduate students Works-In-Progress talks to encourage new work (1 per month)
  • Welcome eminent visiting food scholars hosted by university departments as a centralized venue to augment public lectures with small-group discussions or workshops
  • Initiate speaking engagements with a small number of visiting food studies scholars, if funding and staffing allows
  • Serve as a liaison to community food and sustainability groups
  • Explore future possibilities for local or regional conferences and related activities.

For more information, contact Jennifer Burns Levin, Honors College (Literature),