Food Studies Talk: Commodification of Banana in Print and the Formation of American Womanhood across Classes

May 26, 2017
12:00 pmto1:00 pm

249 Columbia Hall
1215 E. 13th St.

A Food Studies talk by graduate student Helen Huang

2016-17 CSWS Graduate Student Research Award winner Helen Huang will give a talk that explores how bananas were introduced into American food culture and daily life through cookbooks and home magazines at the turn of the twentieth century—an era marked by the rise of consumption culture and nutrition discourse.

Helen Huang

These cooking records reveal how banana consumption gradually became popular in American eating culture and show that how bananas were prepared corresponded to the interest in home economics and nutritional education prominent in middle-class periodicals of the 1920s.

Huang is a master’s student in the English department, and a recipient of a 2016 Food Studies Graduate Student Research Grant.

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