Identity Complex—a groundbreaking new book by Michael Hames-García

book coverIdentity Complex: Making the Case for Multiplicity

Michael Hames-García, Professor, University of Oregon Department of Ethnic Studies

University of Minnesota Press (August 2011)

From the publisher: “Grounded in both theoretical and political practices—in the lived realities of people’s experience—Identity Complex reinvigorates identity as a key concept and as a tool for the pursuit of social justice. Hames-García draws on a wide range of examples to show that social identities are central to how exploitation works, such as debates about the desirability of sexual minority identities in postcolonial contexts, questions about the reality of race, and the nature of the U.S. prison crisis.”

Michael Hames-García is co-editor of the recent collection, Gay Latino Studies: A Critical Reader (Duke University Press, 2011). He is a CSWS faculty affiliate.

Identity Complex is a brilliantly argued, much needed intervention that redefines the terms and changes the stakes of the contemporary debate over identity politics. Michael Hames-García’s transformative understanding of identity formations establishes his standing as the foremost scholar in the field.”  — Donald Pease, Dartmouth College