River in the Sea: Tina Boscha’s novel now available as an e-book

Tina Boscha, instructor of composition in the University of Oregon Department of English, recently took matters into her own hands and self-published her novel as an e-book.

“A few years back, I was a very fortunate recipient of a CSWS Faculty Research Grant (and before, of a CSWS Graduate Research Grant) for my novel River in the Sea. Well, after years of frustration with trying to get published the traditional route (culminating in an ‘almost’ sale but in the end, no dice), I went ahead and put my book out myself,” she told CSWS. “I have included CSWS in the acknowledgements page and was more than happy to do so. The funding made this work possible.”

Her book is available now for e-readers via Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with a print edition coming soon. Her facebook page is <www.facebook.com/tinaboschawriter> and her website is <tinaboscha.com>. Boscha is an Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship recipient and her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. For her next novel, she is working on a good old-fashioned ghost story.