“Latinas and Citizenship in Oregon”: an essay by Marcela Mendoza

oregonhistq.113.issue-3.cover“Latinas and Citizenship in Oregon”
Author(s): Marcela Mendoza
Oregon Historical Quarterly, Vol. 113, No. 3 (Fall 2012), pp. 444-451
Published by: Oregon Historical Society

Abstract: Marcela Mendoza considers the relationship between family and citizenship in Oregon’s Latino community, particularly by looking at how women’s work both maintains the continuity of cultural heritage and facilitates settlement into new communities. Drawing on the work of other scholars and her own experience with recent immigrants, Mendoza makes suggestions about how historians may investigate the history of Latina women and citizenship in Oregon.

Marcela Mendoza is executive director of CentroLatino Americano in Eugene, Oregon, an affiliated faculty member of the UO Department of Anthropology, and a CSWS faculty affiliate.