Women in physics face big hurdles — still

Persistent biases continue to affect the numbers of female physicists.

August 1, 2016: “There are more women in the sciences than ever before. They hold leading faculty and administrative positions while their representation in fields such as biology, sociology and psychology has increased. Yet the physical sciences are woefully behind when it comes to the number of women at all levels.

“‘Physics and engineering both have big gender divides,’ says Eric Brewe, a physics education researcher at Florida International University in Miami.

“This persistent problem prompted a special issue of the journal Physical Review Physics Education Research, with 17 papers and an editorial on gender issues in physics, published on 1 August. Brewe was one of two guest editors for the issue.” For the full article, go to: Women in physics face big hurdles — still : Nature News & Comment

See more about the research at: https://journals.aps.org/prper/collections/gender-in-physics

Thanks to Elly Vandegrift, the newest member of the CSWS Advisory Board, for bringing this article to our attention. She is the associate director of the University of Oregon’s Science Literacy Program and a senior instructor in biology.