2014 CSWS Annual Review Now Available

2014-Annual-Rvw-cover_WEBIf you are a CSWS faculty affiliate, research interest group member, supporter, contributor, or UO administrator, the 2014 CSWS Annual Review will be landing soon in your mailbox. You can also access this 28-page publication online now.

2014 CSWS Annual Review Contents
  • An Interview with Michael Hames-García, Director, CSWS
Special Section: Collaborative Research
  • The Collaboration Continuum, by Michael Hames-García
  • Collaboration through Conversation, by Jenée Wilde, PhD candidate, Department of English (Folklore)
  • Plugging into the Recharge Station, by Mary E. Wood, Professor, Department of English
  • Creating Visibility for Feminist Philosophy, by Megan Burke, PhD candidate, Department of Philosophy
  • Harnessing Hearts and Minds: The Power of Activism in Academia, by Marina Rosenthal & Carly Smith, PhD candidates, Department of Psychology
  • A Documentary Experience, by Sonia De La Cruz, Adjunct Instructor, School of Journalism and Communication
Research, Interviews, and Columns

  • Media, Democracy, and the Construction of Collective Memory: A Conversation with Gabriela Martínez by Alice Evans
  • Women, Development, and Geographies of Insecurity in Post-Conflict Southeast Turkey, by Jessie Clark, Instructor, Department of Geography
  • BiSciFi Project: Researching Speculative Fictions and Bisexual Lives, by Jenée Wilde, PhD candidate, Department of English (Folklore)
  • Identity, Culture, and Communication: LGBTQ Youth and Digital Media, by Erica Ciszek, PhD candidate, School of Journalism and Communication
  • “The Other Lives”—Locating Dis/Ability in Utopian Feminist Science Fiction: An Interview with Kathryn Allan, by Alice Evans
  • Discovering the Other Lives, by Kathryn Allan, 2013 Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellow
  • Highlights from the Academic Year
  • Looking at Books