2018 CSWS Annual Review now available

2018 CSWS Annual Review

The 2018 CSWS Annual Review is now available online. In this issue, you can read about the research of faculty members Ernesto Martínez, Shoniqua Roach, Michelle Byrne, Linda Long, Judith Raiskin, and Eileen Otis, as well as graduate students Laura Strait, Angela Rovak, Lola Loustaunau, Lacey Guest, Margaret Bostrom, and others. There’s a compelling interview with activist writer Walidah Imarisha. You can review highlights from the 2018 CSWS Northwest Women Writers Symposium, which was keynoted by Pulitzer Prize finalist Laila Lalami, read about student response to the Queer History Lecture delivered by Princeton scholar Regina Kunzel, and take a look at upcoming CSWS events. You can also read news and book highlights about UO faculty and graduate students. And there is more! Print copies are available upon request.

PDF: https://csws.uoregon.edu/docs/publications/2018_CSWS_Annual_Rvw.pdf.


  • “A Year in Review: 2017-18,” by Dena Zaldúa, Operations Manager
  • Spotlight on New Feminist Scholars
  • “A conversation with Walidah Imarisha,” interview by Alice Evans, Michelle McKinley, and Dena Zaldúa

Faculty Research

  • Counterblast: excerpt from O. Henry winner,” by Marjorie Celona, Assistant Professor, Creative Writing Program
  • “No Child Should Long for Their Own Image,” by Ernesto Martínez, Associate Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies
  • “Lesbian Oral History Project,” by tova stabin, University Communications
  • “Black Sexual Sanctuaries,” by Shoniqua Roach, Assistant Professor, Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • “Unrest in the Aisles: Eileen Otis Studies Labor Unrest in Chinese Walmarts,” by Emily Halnon, University Communications
  • “Abuse, Mental Illness, and Girls’ Immune Health,” by Michelle Byrne, Assistant Research Professor, Department of Psychology

Graduate Student Research

  • “Occupying a Third Place: Pro-Life Feminism, Legible Politics, and the Edge of Women’s Liberation,” by Laura Strait, Jane Grant Fellow, School of Journalism & Communication
  • “Uncovering the Science in Science Fiction,” by Angela Rovak, Department of English
  • “Feeling Disposable: Exploring the Emotional Structure of Precarious Migrant Labor,” by Lola Loustaunau, Department of Sociology
  • “Magic & Power: Black Knowledge and Marriage Education in the Postwar American South,” by Lacey M. Guest, Department of History
  • “Are you sure, sweetheart, that you want to be well?” by Margaret Bostrom, Department of English
  • “Concussion: Physiological Consequences of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Women and Men,” by Alia Yasen, Department of Human Physiology
  • “Falls & Fatigue: The Effect of Mental Fatigue in Postural Stability in Women and Men,” by Amanda Morris, Department of Human Physiology
  • “Developing a Disability Legal Consciousness: Racism & Ableism in Special Education Advocacy,” by Katie Warden, Department of Sociology

Highlights from the Academic Year

  • “Laila Lalami: The Border and Its Meaning,” panelist commentary by Miriam Gershow and Elizabeth Bohls, Department of English
  • “Queer History Lecture: Regina Kunzel,” by Kenneth Surles, Anniston Ward, and Ryan Murphy
  • News & Updates
  • Looking at Books