Caregiver networks available to UO community members

From Around the O, Sept. 21, 2020:

The University of Oregon has launched two new caregiving resources, Care Provider Network and Shared Care Network, exclusively for the UO community to help faculty members, staff and students meet caregiving needs while balancing school and work responsibilities.

“We recognize that our community is contending with uncertainties on many fronts that impact them both personally and professionally, and we have heard from many that caregiving can be particularly difficult due to remote work arrangements, on-campus work schedules, remote schooling and other challenges at this time,” said Mark Schmelz, chief human resources officer. “We are hopeful that these creative solutions will help UO community members work directly with one another to address their caregiving needs.”

The UO Care Provider Network connects members of the UO community who can provide care with UO families needing caregiving. Only those with a UO email address can access the network to either complete the registration form or to view the listing to connect with a care provider.

The UO Shared Care Network allows UO families to connect with other UO families seeking shared care arrangements. Through this list, UO families can work together to find creative options, identify solutions and establish mutually beneficial arrangements.

“This network is designed to build itself as UO families join,” said Jen Mirabile, senior HR programs coordinator. “The listing will grow as more people learn about this new opportunity. It is best to check the listing frequently as new contacts will be added regularly.”

Viewing and adding information to the network listings requires a Microsoft login using a UO DuckID and password, so the opportunity and information is exclusive to those affiliated with the University of Oregon.

“To be clear, these new networking tools are open to all UO community members, students attending UO and employees who work here,” said Maria Kalnbach, coordinator of nontraditional and veteran student engagement. “If you want to provide care or if you need a care provider, these listings are for you.” 

The university acts only as a clearinghouse for information and does not screen or vet either care providers or clients. UO community members work directly with one another to assess their needs, evaluate compatibility, screen for preferences, set schedules and establish terms for payment.

A web-based tool that offers comprehensive, one-stop access to the family and caregiver resources and currently available across the university will be launched soon. The centralized portal on the UO website will make it much easier for campus community members to discover and identify programs and resources already in place that may address their needs, Mirabile said.

HR maintains a Caregivers Resources website with more information about both programs, as well as other material to help faculty and staff members balance their work, educational and personal responsibilities. The UO employee assistance program provides benefits-eligible employees with a variety of resources including a personal consultation to discuss individual needs.


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