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Prominent UO historian among those who filed an amicus brief in US Supreme Court case that contests the validity of the Defense of Marriage Act

Recent blog entries on the websites for Inside Higher Ed and the American Historical Association provide details of an amicus brief filed March 1 in US v. Windsor, a case before the U.S. Supreme Court contesting the validity of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The brief, signed by the American Historical Association and a […]

Charise Cheney: CSWS Research Matters | Winter 2013

Charise Cheney
“Brown v. Board of Education,” by Charise Cheney, Associate Professor, University of Oregon, Department of Ethnic Studies
By complicating the story of the Topeka lawsuit, Cheney’s study engages and expands current historical debates over the modern Civil Rights movement.
Charise Cheney’s paper is now available online as the Winter 2013 issue of CSWS Research Matters.
From her […]

CSWS-funded project takes a close look at traditional Western discourse surrounding female genital cutting

Who Defines “Mutilation”? Challenging Imperialism in the Discourse of Female Genital Cutting
Courtney Smith (back row, center)
by Courtney Smith / From: Feminist Formations / Volume 23, Issue 1, Spring 2011 /pp. 25-46 | 10.1353/ff.2011.0009
See also: global.gender.current » Blog Archive » Unpacking female body “mutilation” in Senegal and the U.S.
Courtney Smith received a CSWS Graduate Student Research Grant […]