Charise Cheney: CSWS Research Matters | Winter 2013

Charise Cheney

Charise Cheney

“Brown v. Board of Education,” by Charise Cheney, Associate Professor, University of Oregon, Department of Ethnic Studies

By complicating the story of the Topeka lawsuit, Cheney’s study engages and expands current historical debates over the modern Civil Rights movement.

Charise Cheney’s paper is now available online as the Winter 2013 issue of CSWS Research Matters.

From her paper:

“Scholarship on Brown v. Board of Education is wide-ranging and prolific. During the past generation, historians have assessed Brown and its place in the Civil Rights movement, legal scholars have debated Brown and the Supreme Court’s role in social reform, and social scientists have analyzed the legacy of Brown and the persistence of racial segregation in America’s schools. Despite considerable attention and analysis, with few exceptions, scholarly writings on the landmark Supreme Court case have neglected the local stories behind the national symbol. My monograph seeks to rectify that historical omission.” For the full text …