CSWS Announces New Research Interest Group: UO Coalition to End Sexual Violence

University of Oregon Coalition to End Sexual Violence (UO-CESV) Research Interest Group

Established in 2014, the UO-CESV is a collaboration of faculty and students striving to raise awareness about sexual violence on our campus and to advocate for a safe and equitable educational experience. RIG members engage in research and activism to create institutional change at the University of Oregon.

Plans for 2013-2014 school year:

The UO-CESV RIG will continue to focus effort into understanding current university policies regarding sexual violence on campus and to researching best practices and alternatives to current policy. Specifically, RIG members will assess the utility of current policies on: sexual assault prevention, resources for survivors, sanctions for perpetrators, and mandatory reporting. For each topic, RIG members will thoroughly explore the UO’s current strategies, carefully consider alternatives, and formulate recommendations for change. Additionally, the RIG will serve as a body of activists to motivate the UO toward change through letter writing, signature collection, and social media publicity.

For more about Research Interest Groups  (RIGs): http://csws.uoregon.edu/programs/rigs/