Two CSWS Faculty Affiliates Named Guggenheim Fellows

Judith S. Eisen

Judith S. Eisen

A biology professor and an anthropologist from the University of Oregon with ties to the UO Center for the Study of Women in Society were recently named 2010 Guggenheim Fellows, among 180 artists, scientists and scholars across the United States and Canada to be so honored.

Biologist  Judith S. Eisen formerly served on the CSWS Executive Committee and is currently a CSWS faculty affiliate.

A member of the UO’s Institute of Neuroscience, Eisen specializes in the nervous system of embryonic zebrafish. Beginning in September, she will spend a year developing a new technique that uses zebrafish to study the role of resident microbes in nervous-system development and function.

Carol T. Silverman has been studying Balkan music and culture for more than 20 years. A professor of anthropology and folklore and head of the UO Department of Anthropology, she is also a faculty affiliate at CSWS, which awarded her a 2008 CSWS Faculty Research Support Grant for her work on “Gender, Race and Family: Issues of Education and Sexuality among Balkan Romani Migrants in New York City.”

Carol T. Silverman

Silverman will continue her studies of Balkan Romani music, which has become a global phenomenon since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. She begins a one-year project in September, doing fieldwork in the Balkans, Western Europe and the United States.

Silverman’s book Romani Routes: Cultural Politics and Balkan Music in Diaspora will be released in 2010 by Oxford University Press with an accompanying website.

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