Daniel HoSang: Research Matters Spring 2011

Cover imageReproductive Justice on the Ballot by Daniel HoSang, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon, Departments of Ethnic Studies and Political Science

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Daniel HoSang’s paper is now available online in the Spring 2011 issue of CSWS Research Matters. The UO Center for the Study of Women in Society supported research related to this project with a Faculty Research Grant.

From the paper: “My research examines the increasing use of statewide ballot propositions to debate, frame, and set public policy for a broad range of ‘reproductive justice’ issues, including parental notification laws. I utilize a definition of reproductive justice developed by a leading grassroots network of women of color–led organizations: ‘We believe Reproductive Justice exists when all people have the social, political and economic power and resources to make healthy decisions about our gender, bodies, sexuality and families for our selves and our communities.’[1] A reproductive justice framework thus calls attention to the broader relations of power, issues, and political context in which debates over particular rights (such as abortion rights or the freedom to marry) take place.”