Former CSWS Fellowship Winner Barbara Sutton Wins Book Prize

Winner of the UO Center for the Study of Women in Society’s (CSWS) 2004 Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship, Barbara Sutton is now an assistant professor of women’s studies at the University of Albany, SUNY, affiliated with the departments of sociology and Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies. Born and raised in Argentina, Dr. Sutton recently was named the recipient of the National Women’s Studies Association 2011 Gloria Anzaldua Book Prize for Bodies in Crisis: Culture, Violence, and Women’s Resistance in Neoliberal Argentina (Rutgers University Press, 2010). The book is based on research that was supported by CSWS, among others.

Based primarily on women’s experiential narratives, Bodies in Crisis looks at the complex, often hidden, bodily worlds of women in Argentina during a time of intense social upheaval, post-2001. As her publisher describes it, Sutton’s book “reveals the bodily scars of neoliberal globalization; women’s negotiation of cultural norms of femininity and beauty; experiences with clandestine, illegal, and unsafe abortions; exposure to and resistance against interpersonal and structural violence; and the role of bodies as tools and vehicles of political action.”

The Gloria E. Anzaldua Book Prize consists of a $1,000 cash award and lifetime membership in the National Women’s Studies Association. The winner receives recognition for groundbreaking scholarship in women’s studies that makes significant multicultural feminist contributions to women of color/transnational scholarship.