Gender Differences in First Jobs for New Ph.D.s in Mathematics

“An Update: Are Women Getting All the Jobs?”

by Mary E. Flahive, Department of Mathematics, Oregon State University, and Marie A. Vitulli, CSWS faculty affiliate and professor, UO Department of Mathematics

WomenInMathProject2A preprint of this article, submitted to the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, can be viewed on Vitulli’s Women in Math website.

The article begins: “In the 1990s some mathematicians questioned whether affirmative action efforts were skewing the job market in favor of women. With this in mind, twelve years ago we analyzed the 1991–1995 employment data collected by the AMS for possible gender bias in the employment of new  Ph.D. mathematicians.  In the current article we summarize what has happened in the intervening years.”

A summary of their first analysis appeared in:
Marie A. Vitulli and Mary E. Flahive, “Are Women Getting All the Jobs?Notices of the AMS 44 (1997), pp. 338 – 339.

CSWS supported the creation of Vitulli’s Women in Math Project website in 1996.