Phaedra Livingstone: CSWS Research Matters | Fall 2012

“Touchstones, Touchscreens and Timeless Tall Tales: A Feminist Analysis of Communication Practice in Exhibitions,” by Phaedra Livingstone, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon, Arts and Administration Program (AAD) School of Architecture & Allied Arts (A&AA) and Coordinator, Museum Studies

Phaedra Livingstone’s paper is now available online in the Fall 2012 issue of CSWS Research Matters.

From her paper:

“I suspect many of you might not have read this sentence had I used the word ‘museum’ in my title! Yet, museums are fascinating microcosms and surprisingly under-researched organizations. I am working on a book, tentatively entitled Touchstones, Touchscreens and Timeless Tall Tales, which offers a feminist analysis of communication practice in public museums. Across the chapters I use a touchstone (a slate tool, used for assaying whether or not something is a precious metal) as artifact and metaphor, to consider the possible curatorial and viewer interpretations of one object across aspects of the museum communication cycle.” For the full text …