President Schill’s 2017 State of the University Address lifts up CSWS leaders & affiliates

October 6, 2017—In his State of the University address, UO President Michael Schill talked about coming together in a shared sense of purpose.

CSWS proudly notes President Schill’s generous remarks that highlighted the research, teaching, and creative work of many CSWS leaders and faculty affiliates. These include CSWS director Michelle McKinley, CSWS Advisory Board member Gabriela Martínez, and faculty affiliates Marsha Weisiger, Karen Guillemin, Tannaz Farsi, and Joanna Goode, among many other UO faculty.

“In short, our mission is to create positive impact on the world around us,” Schill said. “That impact starts in the classroom—with outstanding teachers who challenge their students to step out of their comfort zone intellectually, to listen to each other, and to question the conventional wisdom—with the ultimate goal of becoming informed and effective citizens.”

President Schill then cites Marsha Weisiger and Gabriela Martínez for outstanding teaching. He cites Karen Guillemin for excellence in the research lab. He cites Michelle McKinley and Tannaz Farsi for impact in the archives, libraries, and art studios, and education professor Joanna Goode for her work in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

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