Rinku Sen talks about the racial justice movement

June 6, 2017—Students, faculty, staff, and community members packed the UO Knight Library Browsing Room to hear Rinku Sen talk about “The Big Picture: Structural Racism, Equity & Intersectionality.” This was Professor Dan HoSang’s final event in the “Imagining Freedom Teach-In Series” not only for the year, but for good, as he heads off to the Ivy League to continue his career. A long-time CSWS faculty affiliate, Dr. HoSang served as head of the UO Department of Ethnic Studies during the 2016-17 AY.

Photographs by Jack Liu

Rinku Sen, president and executive director of Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation and the publisher of the award-winning news site Colorlines, is one of the leading voices in the racial justice movement, building upon the legacy of civil rights by transforming the way we talk about race, from something that is individual, intentional, and overt to something that is systemic, unconscious, and hidden.

This event was sponsored by the Department of Ethnic Studies, the Center for the Study of Women in Society, and the Center for Student Involvement.