Theresa May: Research Matters Winter 2011

Salmon, Women, and Rivers: Community-Based Performance Research by Theresa J. May, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon Department of Theatre Arts

Theresa J. May’s paper is now available online in the Winter 2011 issue of CSWS Research Matters. The UO Center for the Study of Women in Society supported May’s research with a Faculty Research Grant.

From the paper: “The story of the 2002 fish kill is part of a larger story, and a larger healing. The Klamath Theatre Project and the process of developing Salmon Is Everything provides a model for the ways in which theatre’s methodology can give voice to collective memory and contribute to healing historical trauma.  My current Women and Rivers Project, funded in part through CSWS, will continue to build a body of performance-based research in the form of new works developed with and for regional communities.”