2019-20 CSWS Research Grant Awardees

CSWS is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2019-20 Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship and our research grants for graduate students, faculty, and staff.

2019-20 Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship

  • Celeste Reeb, Department of English, “Closed Captioning: Reading Between the Lines.”

2019-20 Graduate Research Awards

  • Marc Carpenter, Department of History, “Worthy of All Honors Accorded to the Brave”: Women’s Rights and the Sanctification of Race War in Oregon, 1890 – 1919.”  Mazie Giustina Fund for Women in the Northwest         
  • Michelle Dreiling, School of Journalism and Communication, “Non-binary Gender and the Driver’s License: A Documentary Exploration of State Identification.” Mazie Giustina Fund for Women in the Northwest       
  • Daizi Hazarika, Department of Anthropology, “Witchcraft, Gender and Colonial Law in Assam, India: An Archival Analysis.”       
  • Amna Javed, Department of Economics, “An Exploratory Analysis of Honor Killings in Pakistan.”
  • Stephanie Mastrostefano, Department of English, “Manufacturing Race at 24 Frames per Second: Creative Voice at the Intersection of Disney Animation and Audience.”
  • Emily Masucci, Department of Anthropology, “The Politics of Seeking Shelter: Gender-based Violence and the Right to Safety among Low-Income Women in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.” 
  • Holly Moulton, Department of Environmental Studies, “Complicating Vulnerability: Gendered Disaster Narratives, Ice Loss, and Resilience in  the Peruvian Cordillera Blanca.”         
  • Jane Nam, Department of Philosophy, “Radical Korean Feminism.” 
  • Carmel Ohman, Department of English, “Beyond Binary Consent: Sex, Power, and Embodied Performance in U.S. Black Feminist Novels and T.V., 1975-2018.”

2019-20 Faculty Grant Awards

  • Diana Garvin, Assistant Professor, Department of Romance Languages (Mediterranean Studies), “Feeding Fascism: Tabletop Politics in Italy, 1922-1945.”    
  • Akiko Hatakeyama, Assistant Professor of Music Technology, School of Music & Dance, “Don’t Call Me a Female Composer—Gender Imbalance in Electronic/Electroacoustic Music.”  
  • Lamia Karim, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, “Raising Cain? Factory Workers and Socialization of Sons in the Garment Industry in Bangladesh.”     
  • Wendy Machalicek, Associate Professor, Special Education and Clinical Sciences (COE), “Meaning Making in Autism: A single-case evaluation of a psychoeducational curriculum for mothers of children with autism.”   Mazie Giustina Fund for Women in the Northwest
  • Senyo Ofori-Parku, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, “Women’s Leadership in Inter-Faith Dialogue for Peacebuilding in Patriarchal Ghanaian Society: A Mixed-Methods Approach.”
  • Xiaobo Su, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, “No place to call home: Burmese wives and the biopolitics of cross-border marriage in Yunnan, China.”
  • Kristin Yarris, Associate Professor, Department of International Studies, “Mid-Century American Psychiatry and State Formation: A Post-Colonial Analysis of Morningside Hospital and the Alaska Mental Health Act.” Mazie Giustina Fund for Women in the Northwest