Updated: CSWS affiliates give faculty perspectives in new virtual IntroDUCKtion

Editor’s note: Additional faculty affiliate videos have been released and are added to this story.

IntroDUCKtion, the University of Oregon’s summer orientation experience for incoming students, went virtual this summer, giving new Ducks an opportunity to dive into faculty research through the program’s new Faculty Perspectives video series. Several CSWS faculty affiliates have contributed to the series.

In the past, IntroDUCKtion was a two-day, in-person orientation on campus packed with activities, including one randomly assigned faculty perspectives talk. Going virtual has greatly increased student and faculty interaction through credit-earning colloquium tracks linked to five UO advising flight paths.

“This new format has been an exciting opportunity to rethink how orientation programs approaches supporting students in their transition to college,” Cora Bennett, director of student orientation programs, told Around the O in a recent article. “I am so pleased we can produce these lectures, provide meaningful live engagement, and deliver them to students and families wherever they are.” 

Topics for the colloquium series include COVID-19, anti-racism, the environment and climate change, engaged humanities, and innovation and entrepreneurship. You can find Faculty Perspective talks by CSWS affiliates here: