OVPRI 2018-19 Faculty Research Award recipients include numerous CSWS faculty affiliates & grant awardees

Congratulations to the many CSWS faculty affiliates named as recipients of 2018-19 OVPRI Faculty Research Awards. These include Mary Wood (English), Kristin Yarris (International Studies), Lynn Stephen (Anthropology), Laura Pulido (Ethnic Studies), Kate Mondloch (History of Art & Architecture), Ernesto Martinez (Ethnic Studies), Ana-Maurine Lara (Anthropology), Alai-Reyes Santos (Ethnic Studies), Mai-Lin Cheng (Clark Honors College), Marjorie Celona (Creative Writing), Mayra Bottaro (Romance Languages), and Dare Baldwin (Psychology). Many have been recipients of CSWS Faculty Research Awards in recent years.

The 2018 Faculty Research Awards recognize 20 scholars

From Around the O, April 16, 2018—UO researchers and scholars examining everything from Angkorian stoneware ceramics to Caribbean women healers to saxophone music have received Faculty Research Awards for 2018.

In all, 20 researchers in disciplines ranging from anthropology to cinema studies to product design received the awards, which are distributed annually by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. Designed to stimulate promising research and scholarly activity, the awards support scholarship, creative projects and quantitative or qualitative research from all disciplinary backgrounds.

Awards went to researchers and scholars in ethnic studies, philosophy, creative writing, physics, psychology, special education and clinical sciences and other fields.

Faculty members receive up to $5,500 for research expenses during the coming fiscal year, including travel, equipment, supplies, contractual services, shared facility use, graduate or undergraduate student effort, or stipends during the summer months.

Award applications were open to all faculty members with a rank of assistant professor or above, as well as full-time, non-tenure-track faculty members engaged in substantial research. A committee of UO faculty members appointed by the University Senate provided peer review of the intellectual merit of the proposals and furnished their recommendations. The final award decisions were made by the vice president for research and innovation.

The 2018 Faculty Research Award recipients:

  • Mary Wood, professor, Department of English, and Kristin Yarris, assistant professor, Department of International Studies, “From Forced Treatment to Peer-Led Recovery: Expertise and Authority in the Past, Present, and Future of Oregon Mental Health Care.”
  • Lynn Stephen, professor, Department of Anthropology, “Achieving Justice: Gendered Violence, Displacement, and Legal Access in Guatemala and the U.S.”
  • Daniel Steinhart, assistant professor, Department of Cinema Studies, “Hollywood in Mexico: Cross-Border Production, Style, and Genre.”
  • Susan Sokolowski, associate professor, Department of Product Design, “Portable 3D Hand and Foot Scanning: How a New Method of Anthropometric Data Collection Can Inform Glove and Footwear Design for Female Firefighters.”
  • Idit Shner, associate professor, School of Music and Dance, “Recording of New Music for Saxophone.”
  • Stephanie Shire, assistant professor, Department of Special Education and Clinical Sciences, “Community Partnered Pilot Development of a Mobile Health Assessment for Caregivers of Young Children with Autism.”
  • Laura Pulido, professor, Department of Ethnics Studies, “Reframing U.S. Historical Geography through White Supremacy and Cultural Memory.”
  • Kate Mondloch, professor, Department of the History of Art and Architecture, “Look: Attention, Perception, and Contemplation in New Media Art (1960-Present).”
  • Ernesto Martinez, associate professor, Department of Ethnic Studies, “La Serenata.”
  • Ana-Maurine Lara, assistant professor, Department of Anthropology, and Alai Reyes-Santos, associate professor, Department of Ethnic Studies, “Caribbean Women Healers: Decolonizing Knowledge within Afro-Indigenous Traditions.”
  • Colin Koopman, associate professor, Department of Philosophy, “How We Became Our Data: A Genealogy of the Informational Person.”
  • Ocean Howell, associate professor, Clark Honors College, “Imagined San Francisco: A Collaboration with Stanford University’s Center or Spatial and Textual Analysis.”
  • Nicole Giuliani, assistant professor, Department of Special Education and Clinical Sciences, “Unique Contribution of Parenting Behaviors to Preschooler Self-Regulation and Associated Outcomes.”
  • Gerald Gast, associate professor, Department of Architecture, “The Architecture of Public Schools in Marginalized Neighborhoods of Columbia.”
  • Mai-Lin Cheng, assistant professor, Clarks Honors College, “Autotopography: Place and Commonplace in Romanticism and After.”
  • Marjorie Celona, assistant professor, Creative Writing Program, “Be on My Side: A Novel.”
  • Alison Carter, assistant professor, Department of Anthropology, “From Kiln to Kitchen: Tracing the Consumption Patterns of Angkorian Stoneware Ceramics using Neutron Activation Analysis.”
  • Mayra Bottaro, assistant professor, Department of Romance Languages, “Scrambled Messages: Telegraphic Poetics and the New Atlantic Language.”
  • Greg Bothun, professor, Department of Physics, “Are Baryons Removed from Galaxies?”
  • Dare Baldwin, professor, Department of Psychology, “Harnessing Pupillometry to Monitor Infants’ Auditory Health.”