UO Research Awards go to 23 faculty scholars

NOTE: This story was originally published April 20, 2020, in Around the O. CSWS congratulates awardees who are also our Faculty Affiliates and/or Research Grant recipients!

UO researchers and scholars examining everything from international indigenous activism to creative aging to the creation of original electroacoustic music have received 2020 Faculty Research Awards.

Faculty Research Awards are distributed annually by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. Designed to stimulate promising research and scholarly activity, the awards support scholarship, creative projects and quantitative or qualitative research from all disciplinary backgrounds.

“We had a really diverse pool of applicants and are proud to fund so many different lines of research and scholarship,” said David Conover, vice president for research and innovation. “We congratulate the awardees and commend them on their outstanding work.”

Awards went to researchers and scholars in architecture, music, language arts, journalism, psychology, anthropology, geography, history, management, special education and other fields.

Faculty members receive up to $7,000 for research expenses during the coming fiscal year, including travel, equipment, supplies, contractual services, shared facility use, graduate or undergraduate student effort, or stipends during the summer months.

Award applications were open to all faculty members with a rank of assistant professor or above, as well as full-time, non-tenure-track faculty members engaged in substantial research. A committee of UO faculty members appointed by the University Senate provided peer review of the intellectual merit of the proposals and furnished their recommendations and rankings to the vice president for research and innovation.

Congratulations to our CSWS Faculty Affiliates and CSWS Grant recipients who are 2020 Faculty Research Award recipients:

  • Tara Fickle, assistant professor, Department of English, “Behind Aiiieeeee!: A New History of Asian American Literature.” [CSWS Affiliate]
  • Akiko Hatakeyama, assistant professor, School of Music and Dance, “Original Compositions of Electroacoustic Music by Akiko Hatakeyama (CD release).” [CSWS Grant recipient]
  • Gina Herrmann, associate professor, Department of Romance Languages, “Rivesaltes: The French Concentration Camps and the Laboratory of 20th Century Internment.” [CSWS Affiliate]
  • Jina Kim, assistant professor, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, “Amplifying Voices: Auditory Texts in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945.” [CSWS Affiliate]
  • Audrey Lucero, associate professor, Department of Education Studies, “Crossing Borders: The Perspectives of Transnational Students in Oregon High Schools.” [CSWS Affiliate]
  • Jennifer O’Neal, assistant professor, Department of Indigenous, Race and Ethnic Studies, “Beyond the Trail of Broken Treaties: International Indigenous Activism, 1972-1980.” [CSWS Grant recipient]
  • Dorothee Ostmeier, professor, Department of German and Scandinavian, “Singularity in Fiction and Virtual Technologies.” [CSWS Affiliate]
  • Jennifer Presto, associate professor, Department of Comparative Literature, “Adjacent Ecologies: Russian-American Artists in the Pacific Northwest.” [CSWS Affiliate and CSWS Grant recipient]
  • Frances White, professor, Department of Anthropology, “Do Bonobos share more: does social and sexual intimacy mean more shared microbiomes?” [CSWS Affiliate]